5 things I’ve learned about myself

Who am I?

This year I have made it my mission to figure out who I am. Not who society, my family or the world wants me to be….but rather, who I am as an individual. Thus, I have been thinking about myself a lot lately. I am dissecting my thoughts and attitudes and have come to a few conclusions.

  1. I am extremely emotional – My guess is that this stems from the challenges I have faced in my life. Being hurt and broken has broadened my compassion spectrum exponentially. I am the type of person that cries at literally EVERYTHING. I cry when I’m sad, happy, angry, frustrated, you name it! I can watch DDLJ 100 times, yet I will cry every. single. time. I feel every emotion to the extreme.
  2. I can be selfish- Becuase of a lack of love at home, I always try to compensate. I want my boyfriend to love me beyond belief. This can be selfish in the sense that, I know my boyfriend loves me but I’m always nagging him to show me love the way I want it to be shown. Do I deserve to be loved in a conventional way? Yes. But I tend to over do it.
  3. I am childish-I am a 5-year-old trapped inside a 22-year-old’s body. I want things my way, the smallest of things excite me, and I have never let my inner child go. I’ve been mistaken for being naive pretty much my whole life. I always see the good in people in hopes that they see the good in me. I try to have a positive outlook on the world and I guess that can be seen as being naive.
  4. I love love- LOVE! I LOVE LOVE!!! I am the epitome of hopeless romantic. I want all the cuteness, all the attention, and all the love! I am obsessed with all things romantic and all things related to making someone feel like a queen.
  5. I can be a nightmare to date – My concluding point is that I expect a lot from a relationship….making me a “sweet dream or beautiful nightmare”. My boyfriend isn’t the emotional type which makes me an even scarier nightmare for him.

These are just a few things I’ve learned about myself. I could call them flaws, but they make me who I am so I shall refain from doing so.

Stay tuned while I figure myself out!



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