Kinni Sohni Kinni Sohni, Sohni Lagdi ni tu Jattiyeh saron de phul vargi” 


 If you’re like me, you love Punjabi songs and know every moment has the perfect song that goes with it. During my time in Punjab, I sang “Kinni Sohni Kinni Sohni, Sohni Lagdi ni tu Jattiyeh saron de phul vargi”  in my head 10000’s of times. The vast fields and minimalistic lifestyle had me feeling filmy and connecting to my roots in ways I didn’t know were possible. I went to India with a broken heart and bad attitude, I had no idea I would come back gushing over Punjab.

The truth is, I needed an escape and Punjab was it. Even thinking about it now, my heart begins to glow. I felt like it was finally somewhere I belonged. The best part about Punjab is the lifestyle, every morning I was woken up with the pind granthi doing paath over the speakers. You may think this is annoying, but I assure you it was the best part of the day. Waking up to guru di bani in the granthi saab’s melodious voice was nothing less than blissful. After showering, getting dressed and draping a heavy shawl over my body I was ready to embrace the foggy and cold Punjab mornings. Other than a few dogs barking in the distance, gates screeching, and the light sound of car horns, Punjab was as silent as it would get. Opening my own gate and walking across the dirt road, I made my way to the Gurdwara to indulge in Bani.


By the time I got back home, a steaming cup of cha was waiting for me. Garma garm cha da cup with biscuits was the pre-breakfast of champions. Of course, that wasn’t enough. As soon as I put my cup down, breakfast was ready. A different type of Parontha daily, that too with homemade makhani and a glass of lassi. Everything was made fresh! The milk was fresh, the vegetables, the wheat, and the makhani and lassi were made daily. Food was cooked in modern and traditional ways. I preferred the traditional chula chonka  like the one below.


I was made for the pind life. Lounging on an old school manja while pind wale came over unannounced was amazing. Not having a lot of family here in Canada, the closeness in a pind was an aspect that I craved for oh so long.

Although a lot of individuals look down on villages, I have to argue that the pinds are the best part of Punjab. The mentality can be a hard pill to swallow but in terms of lifestyle and closeness, I would not choose to be anywhere else other than a pind. The simplicity, love, and views make Punjab truly majestic.

More of my India travels are to come! Until then, enjoy some of the pictures I took.



My home away from home.


Is it just me, or are Pind’s majestic?!


This is a picture of the Pind Gurdwara from the roof of my mom’s house. There is no need for alarm clocks in Punjab when you have a speaker and granthi to wake you up.


The figure in the distance is an old school horse drawn cart. I’m in love with the simplicity of pinds in Punjab.

img_0834Simple things like walking to the gurdwara were simply breathtaking.


I call this last one ‘Canada in Punjab’

Forever wishing to go back to a simpler time,




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