Dear Diary: Jan 21st

Dear Diary,

So much for making this a daily thing. Im not very good when it comes to writing commitments, there are days when I’m just not in the mood to write….or do anything else for that matter.

I’m sure a lot of you can relate when I say that I love love. I absolutely love the concept of two people being each others ride or die. I’m a hopeless romantic so I may not be the easiest to love. I can be moody (which girl isn’t thoughhh), needy (give me allll the love!!!), and I guess I can be bossy at times too (it’s my way or the highway). But does this mean I don’t deserve to be loved? Non sense! Of course I deserve love, everyone does. I’ve grown up in a not so loving environment which is why I try to compensate now. I want to be loved in ways that put cheesy Bollywood storylines to shame. Maybe I’m asking for too much but I swear it’s not my fault! I’ve been watching Bollywood movies and overdramatic Hindi Nataks since ’94…so I mean they obviously had to have had an effect on me. My expectations are too damn high! Thanks Bollywood. #BollywoodIsRuiningMyLife. Anyways, I will rant about Bollywood and my love life in another post.

Nothing interesting  really happened today. I’ve just been a needy and dependant female with cramps that are probably more painful than childbirth. Ya, thank Bollywood for my over dramatics. Oh! I started reading Book of Negroes and it is so amazing. It pulls at my emotions in ways that are indescribable. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest you do! I will probably write a review or appreciation post once I’m done. So far I cant put the book down! It is just magnificent!

It’s 9pm on a Saturday night and I am so excited to grab my book, head into bed and just unwind. This is my type of night.

Goodnight ❤️



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