And so it begins

Growing up some kids wanted to be doctors, some engineers, and me? I wanted to start an anonymous blog! Well…not exactly but my point is, how exciting is it to write about whatever your heart desires without being judged or ridiculed by aunties and the next generation of aunties in training? I’ll answer that question with enough enthusiasm for us both. VERY! IT IS VERY EXCITING! If you’re Indian or from any minority really, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. It’s like Big Brother every day of my life! Constantly being watched by the big eyes of equally as big aunties that do nothing more than sit around and gossip while sipping chai (or as we call it, cha). Yeah, move over Blair and Serena we got some new gossip girls in town. Thus, I started a blog. I think it’s so amazing that we can hop on the internet and express ourselves in ways that may not be available to us in real life. If you’re like me, you’re juggling a Hannah Montana lifestyle- two lives in one; sweet girl that aunties love during the day and dreamer by night. By dreamer, I mean I want to do it all. End world hunger, end female infanticide and sex selection abortions, advocate for women that have no voice, make changes that affect the lives of individuals in a positive and direct way, and obviously, save the world-yeah I dream big baby! You will be surprised to hear that my dreams are considered out of my league because…wait for it….keep waiting….I AM A GIRL. I kid you not, this mentality is still in effect. Being 22, I’m expected to keep my parents izaat (honour) by getting married and popping out kids faster than you can say arranged marriage. Did you see what I did there? When I was growing up I thought I would be able to fall in love, meet my prince charming (if he met the LONG list of requirements) and then get married. The horror story that is called arranged marriage didn’t even cross my mind. Recently, I have realized the cruel truth of my life BUT that is a whole different story I will be sharing with you very soon. The take home message of this blog is, you can do anything. Your circumstances may prevent changes from happening right away but trust me, where there is a will there is a way! Channel your inner feistiness and focus on making your dreams come true because “you’re a girl” is not a valid reason to back down.



*picture is not mine*


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